Be Pregnant: Something that may happen

Be Pregnant Eugenia Viti

From Be Pregnant by Eugenia Viti


Something that may happen…

Yoga Class

You are staying active during your first trimester of pregnancy by continuing to attend your weekly yoga class. One day the yoga class starts off normal, but it keeps getting harder and harder.

Be Pregnant Eugenia Viti

Towards the end of the class the teacher asks everyone to go to the wall and practice doing handstands. This is a move that you have never done before. Normally, you wouldn’t shy away from something new, but this time you feel sort of different.

You stare as everyone lines up against the wall and starts kicking into the air and doing handstands. You just do not feel safe doing that move.Be Pregnant Eugenia VitiBe Pregnant Eugenia VitiTwo people offer you a spot on the wall, but you just don’t want to try to do handstands. You’ve never been afraid to try a yoga move before, but somehow being pregnant makes seeing all those legs flailing around in such close proximity…scary.

You’re not really sure why you feel this way, but maybe it’s to do with feeling cautious about your body and baby right now.

The teacher comes over to where you’re sitting and offers to help you. You sort of whisper, “I’m afraid to do that.” She is totally okay with it, but you feel like crying.

You feel this rush of emotion, as if something really bad has just happened–not something as small as sitting out

Be Pregnant Eugenia Viti

from a new move during your elective adult yoga class. You almost start crying, but you manage to just breathe and relax and keep stretching.

The class ends soon after the handstands, and as you head home, you reflect on the experience. It felt like you were in junior high gym class and being teased by your classmates. What a strange feeling to have as a grown woman. Then you look at Reddit, and you see a reoccurring theme: “TIC” or “Today I Cried.”

Of course! Your hormones are changing, just like going through puberty! It’s helpful to see others going through similar experiences, crying over things that they normally wouldn’t. You are relieved you are not alone.

Be Pregnant Eugenia Viti


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Excerpted from BE PREGNANT by Eugenia Viti. Copyright © 2022. Available March 2022 from Voracious Books, an imprint of Hachette Book Group.